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A little hedgehog named Miss Turnip Harley Quill Robinson came into my life unexpectedly, and changed it for the better.  This shop is my tribute to her.  I hope she brings you as much joy as she has brought me!

Miss T was dropped into my life at 8 months old, when I did not know anything about hedgehogs or how to look after them.  Thankfully she was very patient with me.  We were lucky to have just over 5 years together.

In that time, T became my best friend, my travel partner and my reason to smile each day.  We travelled through 2 countries, 3 provinces and 15 states together!  She impacted hundreds of people that knew her in real life, as well as many online friends.

When T got sick in her later years, I spent hours pouring over blogs and social media groups trying to find answers on how to help her.  Unfortunately much of this information was outdated, sometime conflicting, and scattered all over the internet.

My hope is that The Hedgehog Place will be a site where hedgehog owners can find resources and tips to help their sweet little hedgies live their best and fullest lives!

Miss Turnip Robinson will remain in my heart always.  She was my one-and-only little soulmate in this lifetime!  Though there will always be a T-sized hole in my heart, I hope her memory lives on in her photographs, videos, & philanthropy.  Thank you for supporting us!

Stephanie Lynn Robinson & Miss Turnip Robinson
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