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Losing Your Pet Hedgehog

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Losing Your Pet Hedgehog - Death of Pet Hedgehog

When Your Pet Hedgehog Crosses The Rainbow Bridge

One year ago today, my best little friend in the whole world passed away. While she had lived a long life in hedgehog years (just shy of her 6th birthday), the grief and emptiness she left behind was terrible. What I have learned is that grief is a normal and healthy reaction to the death of a pet, and it is important to go easy on yourself during this difficult time. In this article, I will go over some things that helped me over this past year.

It's not "just" a hedgehog.

Hedgehogs Are A Member Of Your Family

Hedgehogs can become beloved members of the family, and their passing can be as painful as the loss of any other pet - or human! I have lost many immediate family members whom I loved deeply, and I can assure you the loss of a pet can be just as bad. As humans we each have a different capacity to love and bond with each other - some people move past loss quickly and others are permenantly changed by it. I believe the bigger the love, the deeper the grief. It is very likely your friend was a copanion been through different stages

Grief Over Losing A Hedgehog

Losing a pet hedgehog can be an extremely difficult and emotional experience, especially if you are very bonded to them. Here are some things to remember while working through the grief of this tremendous loss:

Allow yourself to grieve:

It is important to acknowledge and accept your feelings of grief. Grieving is a natural process, and it is important to give yourself time and space to grieve. Don't try to suppress your feelings or pretend that you are not affected by the loss. Do not judge your feelings or let anyone minimize your grief or make you feel rushed to 'get over it.'

Talk to someone:

It can be helpful to talk to someone about your feelings. This could be a friend, family member, or a professional counselor. Sharing your emotions can help you to process your feelings and come to terms with the loss.

Create a memorial:

Creating a memorial can be a great way to honor your pet hedgehog's memory. This could be a photo album, a scrapbook, or a special piece of art. You could also plant a tree or a flower in your pet's memory. This website and store are a living memorial and tribute to my sweet little girl!

Take care of yourself:

It is important to take care of yourself during this difficult time. Make sure you are eating well, getting enough sleep, and taking time to relax. Engaging in activities you enjoy can also help to lift your spirits. Exercise is so helpful to stimulate the 'feel good' hormones, and even a short walk can help boost your mood.

Seek support from others who have lost a pet hedgehog:

There are many online communities and support groups for pet owners who have lost a pet they loved dearly. These groups can be a great source of comfort and support, as you can connect with others who have experienced a similar loss.

Consider fostering another pet or helping with a rescue:

While this is a personal decision and should not be rushed, some people find that adopting or rescuing another animal in need can help to ease the pain of losing a beloved pet hedgehog. It is important to wait until you are emotionally ready before getting another pet, so do not rush this major decision!

Take Your Time

Losing a pet hedgehog can be a very difficult and emotional experience. It is important to allow yourself to grieve, talk to someone, create a memorial, take care of yourself, seek support from others who have lost a pet hedgehog, and consider getting another pet when you are ready. Remember that it is okay to feel sad, and that with time, the pain will lessen, but the memories of your beloved pet will remain.

A year later, I still miss her everyday. But I know she is up in Heaven and I am confident I will see her again! I love you always Miss Turnip Robinson!

Hedgehog Rainbow Bridge - The Rainbow Wheel - Hedgehog Memorial for Dead Hedgehog


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